Montana Trout Unlimited will host a 'Missoula on Tap' presentation on Tuesday evening, June 24 at their office in the Florence Building, downtown Missoula.

Development Director Kelley Willett said the event will run from from 5 to 7 p.m.

"We're inviting other Missoula Downtown Association members to come to our office on Tuesday evening and find out more about what we do," Willett said. "Our mission is to preserve, protect and restore Montana's world-class cold water fisheries and their watersheds. I'm proud to say that we're made up of nearly 3,900 members across Montana, and we have 13 volunteer chapters and hundreds of folks who spend lots of hours to that end."

In addition to the work on habitat issues, Willett said Montana Trout Unlimited is deeply involved in educating Montana youth about the importance, and the fun of fish and fishing.

"Volunteers are working with kids, tying flies after school, they're getting kids in those waters and teaching them how important it is to keep those waters clean," Willett said. "We've got a kid's camp this summer that's full, by the way, hosting 20 kids from 14 to 17, and we're trying to inspire another generation to be passionate about this cause."

Willett said the statewide group has marshaled its forces in one specific area when it comes to Montana's at-risk waterways.

"There's a mine proposed for the headwaters of the Smith River," Willett said. "We think that's an epic, iconic place where people come from all over Montana and beyond to fish, so we want people to be aware of our past history of mining in this state, and we'd like to work to prevent a mine that will pollute the Smith River."

The 'Missoula on Tap' event will be from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 24 in the Florence Building.

Montana Trout Unlimited's Development Director Kelley Willett

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