Last week we were talking about all the love Missoula was getting from a few different articles and publications. Fortune Magazine listed Missoula as a suggested place to visit now that people are traveling again, Thrillist had a full profile piece about Missoula and called it an "outdoorsy paradise," and River Travel Magazine had Missoula at the top of its list of fan-voted "Best Holiday River Towns."

While Missoula was in the spotlight last week it looks like another Montana town is getting all the glory this week. On Monday we shared the Thrillist list of the "Must-Visit Small Town in Every State" and for Montana, the honors went to Livingston.

Livingston is the epicenter of Montana cool, a town that fully embraces its rowdy past, even as it’s become a magnet for artists and laid-back celebs like Jeff Bridges and Michael Keaton.

Livingston gets another tip of the cap this week as Thrillist included it in their list of "The Best Mountain Towns to Visit in America."

An hour’s drive from Yellowstone, this rowdy town of 8,000 exists at the intersection of rustic western mystique and artistic freedom. Here, free spirits and nature lovers converge, drawn to the area’s unparalleled fly fishing, rafting, and more. Sidle up to the de facto town center—the perpetually humming Murray Bar - before exploring a densely packed collection of saloons and eateries on the highly walkable old-school Main Street.

We all know the beauty that's found around the state so it's pretty cool to see different spots in Montana represented as feature destinations in some of these articles. I guess that's the downfall of being so awesome, the word gets out and everybody learns our secret! What place in Montana will be the next to feel the love?

Amazing Airbnb in Montana Makes Thrillist List for Gorgeous Views

Looking to get away? This home in Livingston made the list of "10 Incredible Airbnbs Around the Country with Drop-Dead Gorgeous Views."

One Of A Kind 39 Million Dollar Montana Home Is For Sale. Check It Out

This home is at 295 Cobble Creek, Bozeman, MT. You can check out the listing on Zillow or The property is listed by Mike Schlauch and Vivian Yoon, PureWest Christie's Bozeman.

Montana's Museum Of The Rockies Is For Everyone! Check It Out

Museum of the Rockies is nestled right next to Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman. The Museum is part of the American Alliance of Museums, which means that the Museum of the Rockies is one of the 1,095 museums to hold this distinction. With over 33,000 museums nationwide, this is quite an accomplishment. 

The Museum of the Rockies is also part of the Montana Dinosaur Trail. What is that? It is a trail that runs through the state of Montana and has 14 locations. Each location will get you just a little closer to the history and knowledge of Dinosaurs.  

Museum of the Rockies has current and rotating exhibits. Currently, (December 2021) here are some of my favorites that are on display: Siebel Dinosaur Complex, Welcome to Yellowstone Country, which digs into the history of Montana, Enduring Peoples Exhibit, highlighting the American Indians of Montana, and the Paugh Exhibit, illuminating the stories that connect us with the Northern Colorado Rockies. You can see all the exhibits here to make planning your trip easier.

Museum of the Rockies is an independent 501 Non-Profit here in Bozeman. With that being said, they hold some of the most exquisite benefits throughout the year. This gives the museum the opportunity to continue to be a highlight for the city of Bozeman. Another way to continue the success of the Museum of the Rockies is to become a member.

If you are considering donating to the Museum of the Rockies, you can check it out here and decide which program works best for you. Help Bozeman keep this amazing learning tool open and available to everyone. Enjoy your time at the Museum of the Rockies.

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