When I was in high school, I took a communications class where we had to direct 4 or 5 different video projects over the course of the semester. As someone who was very into movies and wanted to be a filmmaker, this was very exciting - plus, I found out that each student's best work would be shown on the local public access channel, which is mostly reserved for hours-long district board meetings that nobody except my dad watched. That meant that, in between two extremely boring board meetings, anybody watching was suddenly treated to a 17-year-old's extremely dumb RoboCop knockoff called Volunteer Cyborg, and got to watch my buddy with tinfoil covering his face beating up two bank robbers.

That's a long way for me to say that, I know how cool it can be to featured on TV, especially when you're in high school and you're working really hard on something. That's why this is such a great thing to do: MAPS Media Institute is starting a new video series on Montana PBS which will include work from high school students all across the state.

The first one actually airs tonight at 7 PM - it's called Blackfeet Country and will feature three videos from students at Browning High School: "Browning Rising Voices," "The Last Day," and "Imagination." I'm going to go ahead and guess that these will be better than Volunteer Cyborg.

It's so cool to see an organization helping kids get their work out there like this - who knows, maybe we'll see it showcase Missoula one of these days.

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