It's always fun to write up an article pulled from a source that your work computer won't allow you to visit - it feels like you're getting away with something! Like, "Hey, Powers That Be, I'm creating content based on something you don't want me to see! Ha ha!"

And that's the case here - a new study from LoveHoney, an online adult store (hence why the good people at Townsquare Media blocked it on our servers), has determined the sexiest states in the entire country. They based it on a variety of different factors, including fantasies, sales, search history, and more.

So we've got some experts telling us what we already knew - Montana is one of the sexiest states in the country!

(Shown above: people in Montana.)

Luckily, all the info is available at PR Newswire, so I was able to catch it all without trying to hack into our work server so it would let me into LoveHoney's website.

Montana was named the number 9 sexiest state in the entire country, although we should be number 8 because the number one choice isn't even technically a state - it was Washington D.C.

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Delaware, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine were in the top 5. They also took a look at the sexiest cities in the US, and the answer was... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?! That's a surprising one, but congrats to Pittsburgh on their sexiness.

Do you think Montana deserves to be considered one of the sexiest states in the entire country? Check out the PR Newswire story for more info (and they'll also link you back to LoveHoney's site, because I guess their office is a little more lax than ours).

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