The good news: Montana made it to the top 10 on a national ranking!

The bad news: it's not exactly the kind of list you want to be at the top of.

Thrillist ranked every single state in the US based on how miserable the winter gets there, and as you may have guessed, Montana placed pretty high. Number 9 on the list, to be exact.

Here's how they describe Montana:

Did you know that the Continental Divide can create distinct differences in sunlight, wind, precipitation, and temperature, depending on whether you’re in the eastern or western part of the state? Did you know that, either way, all the insufferable celebrities who thought it’d be “rustic” to own a ranch up there or whatever sure as shit aren’t taking advantage of said property in January. Wait… maybe that’s actually a positive? 

Number one on the list was Minnesota, while number 50 (aka the Best Winter) is - no surprise here - Hawaii.

I can't speak for the entire state of Montana, but it feels like Missoula's actually been pretty mild so far this year. Do you think Montana earned its place on this list?

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