Montana has recently become a hotspot of film activity - we're a prime filming location for Yellowstone, we recently had Nicolas Cage shooting two movies back-to-back, and a recently-released true crime story shot almost entirely in the small town of Lincoln.

We're no stranger to the entertainment industry, and there are a surprising amount of celebrities who you may not know are actually from Montana.

But of course, we have to pit them against each other by asking the question...

Who is Montana's Most Famous Movie Star?

A recent study from Zippia determined the most famous movie star from every single state in the US - and, as you might expect, some of those are a little tougher to figure out than others. Like, how would you even figure out the most famous movie star from California?

Their methods included searching for actors in each state, and analyzing Google Trends to see who is truly the most famous. And for Montana, the answer was... Gary Cooper! 

That's definitely a choice on the older side from what I was expecting, but I mean, have ya seen High Noon? What a picture!

Who else could we have chosen? Well, there's always J.K. Simmons, a graduate of the University of Montana. Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams was born in Kalispell. Jeff Bridges may not have been born here, but he's lived in Paradise Valley for about 30 years, that's gotta count for something.

Think Gary Cooper is a good choice to represent Montana? Who else do you think deserves the title of our most famous movie star?

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