I've recently been trying to get back into shape after gaining some weight over the course of the pandemic - the other day, I ran on the treadmill for about 3.5 miles and I felt like my lungs were about to explode. So I've probably got a long way to go before I can attempt something like this.

Kyle Peltier, who resides in Seeley Lake, Montana and who goes by the name Harrison Smiles on TikTok, has decided to embark on the Pacific Crest Trail, a walking trail that goes all the way from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada. The trail goes on for 2,653 miles.

Hundreds of people attempt to walk the Pacific Crest Trail every year, and not everyone makes it all the way to the end. It takes a lot of intense training and strategic thinking if you plan to walk it, Kyle has been working on that for the last few months leading up to this.

He set out on his journey this past weekend and plans to document the whole thing through his social media accounts, including daily vlogs on TikTok.

@harrison_smiles406PCT vlog 3! ##pacificcresttrail2021 ##thruhike ##pct2021 ##pct ##hiking ##fyp♬ original sound - Harrison Smiles


It definitely seems like an exciting challenge, but it is a big time commitment - to walk the whole thing, it should take about 3 to 4 months. As for me, I'll probably stick to smaller goals for now. Gotta work up to the whole 2,653 miles thing, it sounds pretty exhausting.

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