So I moved to Montana from New York back in 2018, and there were a few things I had to get used to here that they didn't have over there - blinking yellow turning lights while you're driving, not having as many pizza options as I once did, and of course, people being nice all the time.

It was genuinely kind of weird! I remember walking around downtown Missoula when I first arrived, trying to get a feel for the place, and happening into conversations with total strangers. Back where I lived in New York, I had actual neighbors who I had never spoken to in my life. It was an adjustment!

So it's no surprise to me that this study from YouGov shows that Montana is actually one of the most polite states in the entire country, ranking number four just behind North Dakota, Vermont, and the number one spot, Hawaii. And how did they come to that conclusion?

Well, they asked over 77,000 people to rate their own state based on how polite or how rude they think it is - so this is data taken from the opinions of those who actually live in each state.

It's cool to see Montana getting recognized as such a nice place with good people to be around - and I also can't help but notice that my home state of New York is way down at the bottom of the list, coming in as one of the rudest states in the country. And yep, that makes sense. But, I think a lot of New Yorkers would take that as a point of pride, anyway.

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