If you've ever been driving down Reserve Street during Rush Hour, than you probably already know this, but now there's data to back it up - Montana is home to some of the worst drivers in the entire country.

That's according to a survey from Car Insurance Comparison, which ranked every state to determine who had the worst (and who had the best) drivers in all of the United States. And Montana ended up tying for third place in the "worst" category with Texas. The only two states that beat us were New Mexico and, taking the top spot, Alaska.

This isn't exactly new information - according to their chart, Montana has placed somewhere in the top 10 every year since 2011. The states were ranked in categories like Carless Driving, Speeding, Drunk Driving, Failure to Obey, the Death Rate, and more.

But like, I grew up in New York. I've had to drive in New York City, and all across New Jersey. Compared to those places, Montana drivers are some of the best I've ever seen. Do you put much stock in this list? Do you think we deserve to be known as one of the states with the worst drivers in the entire country?

Eh, maybe we do. I think the thing we really need to study is why the crummy drivers always just happen to be right around where I live. No matter where you go, there they are. Still, let's try to work a little bit and see if we can move outside of the top ten for 2021.

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