When you think of UFO hotspots, the first name that comes to mind is probably Roswell, New Mexico. Maybe you think about Phoenix, Arizona. Or maybe international spots like Mexico City. Did you know that Montana has some of the highest numbers of unexplained UFO activity? In fact, Deer Lodge, Montana is considered one of the better paranormal hot spots in the nation.

There is an area near Deer Lodge known as "Redgate." This area got its name when a homesteader brutally murdered his entire family and painted the homestead's front gate with their blood.

According to residents of the area, there are tons of unexplained things that happen near Redgate, everything from car electronics malfunctioning to many sightings of UFOs. So much so, that some claim Deer Lodge could be the next Roswell.

A few years ago, a hunter named Donald Bromley, set up a trail camera in an area near Redgate. What he captured on the camera has brought him international attention. Bromley captured what appears to be a somewhat transparent figure with a "bulbous head." Appearing to look like what some call a "grey alien."

The Pentagon recently unclassified footage of UFOs and admitted that they are in fact REAL. It makes a person open their minds more to the possibility of extraterrestrials making contact with humans. What some would write off as "crazy claims" before, seem to be a little more believable. Now that the US Government admits they cannot explain UFO activity.

Keep your eyes on the sky.

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