After Governor Bullock's press conference yesterday where he announced that schools would be able to open up again on May 7th, people might have been wondering what that would mean for high school sports. Well, now we've got the answer - and unfortunately, it's not what most people were hoping to hear.

The Montana High School Association has announced that sports are officially canceled for the spring across the state. That makes Montana one of the last states to finally cancel high school sports.

The reason behind it is that the MHSA set a deadline for May 4th, depending on schools to resume before then, "and if in-person instruction didn’t resume by that time without restrictions, spring activities would be cancelled," they said in a press release.

Obviously, this is a bummer for the student athletes, the parents, the schools, and more - but ultimately, it's for the best. Hopefully, when school comes back around in the fall, we'll have returned to some sense of normalcy.

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