It's no secret that Montana faces its fair share of wildfires. Heck we've got a couple going on right now due to the thunderstorm last weekend.

Sometimes I forget that while I'm sitting here in my nice and safe air conditioned studio, there are men and women out there putting their lives on the line in order to keep us safe. That's why when I saw this new movie trailer for Only The Brave, I felt like the wind was knocked out of me...

Only The Brave is based on the real life story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots crew, where 19 out of 20 members lost their lives fighting a massive fire in Arizona. This is what their memorial website, www.granitemountainhotshotsmemorial.orgsaid about their lost team members:

 One was a father of four. Others had babies on the way. They were nature lovers, athletes and above all, firefighters. Nineteen of the 20 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite crew trained to fight wilderness fires, died on Sunday as they battled a fierce fire outside the old gold-mining village of Yarnell, Arizona. Here are glimpses of the men they were and what they leave behind. (From the NY Times story, 7/2/2013)

I'm trying not to be biased, because I've sure as heck have never fought a wildfire, but in my opinion the star-studded cast (which includes Miles Teller, whom I love) does an incredible job showcasing the challenges involved with being a firefighter.

Plus there's a quick reference to Montana in the first 30 seconds of the trailer!

Only The Brave will be in theaters THIS October!

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