We're a few weeks removed from the Super Bowl, and a few weeks away from March Madness. The Olympics are officially over. It's a pretty quiet time for sports fans at the moment, which gives them plenty of time for silent reflection.

...or, we could just argue about who everyone's favorite athlete is. That sounds fun, right?

A New Study Determined Each State's Favorite Athlete

MyProtein recently did a study to figure out each state's favorite athlete by analyzing Google Search trends for a month. And the results were... kind of skewed, I think.

Because really, it doesn't tell you if the people searching the athletes are actually fans or anything - it mostly just tells you who was in the news the most.

So, for example, Montana's favorite athlete was Aaron Rodgers - who was also pretty much tied with Tom Brady for most Google Searches across the country. And I'm sure there are a lot of Aaron Rodgers fans out there - but he's also seemingly been in the news nonstop over the past year or so for his Jeopardy guest-hosting, his beliefs about the COVID vaccine, his relationship with actress Shailene Woodley, and the constant speculation about whether or not he would leave the Packers. I don't even watch much football, but I know who Aaron Rodgers is - mostly because people won't shut up about him!

It's definitely possible he is a lot of people's favorite in Montana, but I think it's just as likely that most of those Google Searches were related to people just trying to keep up with the news. What do you think?

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