This past weekend I spent time strolling along Main St in Hamilton. No stroll though downtown Hamilton is complete without stopping in to Naps for a world famous burger. I made sure to skip breakfast, knowing that I was going to be stuffing a giant burger in my mouth. But, I was more than just a little hungry. I felt like I could take on something even larger than their best selling 3/4lb "Naps Deal." Yeah, I was so hungry I thought that a THREE QUARTER POUND BURGER was NOT enough.

I did consider the "Belly Buster," which is TWO 12oz burgers. Which is twice the size of the "Naps Deal." But, I was already getting funny looks from customers as I stood staring feverishly at the menu. So I opted to just stick with the 3/4lb deal. But, as I sat down waiting for my meal, an even crazier idea crossed my mind. What if I was SO HUNGRY that I was crazy enough to take on the "Bitterroot Beast" challenge?

Whats the Bitterroot Beast?

According to

This $30 burger consists of three 12-ounce burger patties piled high with bacon, onions, mushrooms, and cheese. It's served with a pound of fries and a 16-ounce milkshake (your choice of flavor).
If you can finish this entire meal in 25 minutes, it's free -- and you'll win a t-shirt and a spot on the Wall of Fame.

Total, the "Bitteroot Beast" is roughly 4 pounds of food, that you must stuff down your throat in less than 25 minutes.

Think you can take on the "BEAST?" Share with us your photos.

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