Oh, the wonders of online shopping. You can do it from practically anywhere, even at home drunk off your a**. While buying things while intoxicated can be considered fun, and finding cool packages on your doorstep that you don't remember ordering can be a small joy in an otherwise bleak and brutal existence— no one should ever, ever do it.

But let's be real here, some of us (me) are bound to do some drunk shopping every once in awhile, so we might as well accept it. Here's what Montanans (probably) buy while boozing online:

More Beer

Thanks Christopher for responding to my Facebook post with this awesome answer. It might not always be the best idea, but it sure beats drinking and driving.

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A Moose Head

For all the fun of saying they hunted it without going through the trouble of actually doing that.

Cowboy Hats

If it weren't for drunk shopping, some people would never get the courage to change up their style. They're under the influence alright, under the influence of the drip.

Snow Cleats

After slipping and falling on the way inside, a tipsy Montanan may want to get something to prevent that from happening again.

An Air Fryer

Although they'll be disappointed when it finally comes and it turns out it won't properly cook their slabs of elk meat from the freezer.

Bows and Arrows

My friend said he actually did this recently, but keep in mind it's ok to buy a bow and arrow while drunk, but absolutely not ok to use one.

A Life-Size Statute of Oscar-Winning Actor J.K. Simmons

Not that I've ever actually done this... more than once.

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