If you've ever driven on Reserve Street in Missoula during rush hour, than this is info you probably already knew.

A recent study from Car Insurance Comparison determined which states in the US have the absolute worst drivers. They were able to figure out a Top 10 list... and wouldn't you know it, Montana was on there. So where did we rank?

Montana Tied For the #3 Spot on the Worst Drivers List

The number one spot was actually a tie between New Mexico and Texas. Since there was no number two, Montana is pushed to three - which was also a tie, between Montana and South Carolina.

So how did they determine which states had the worst drivers?

The Study Took A Look At Five Different Categories

The researchers behind the study analyzed car accident death rates, failure to obey traffic laws, careless driving, drunk driving, and speeding in each state. Death rates and speeding were particularly high in Montana, which contributed to our number three placement on the list.

They also mention that Montana is the second-worst state for fatal crashes that involve at least one person not wearing their seatbelt. So, you know, that's not's great.

What Can We Do About It?

Obviously, this is not exactly a list we want to be on. I'm not sure what the solution is, but I know a lot of us have been exactly like Marge Simpson in this clip at some point or another.

Well, maybe not that bad. But still.

What do you think Montana can do to get off the Worst Drivers list?

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