Montana Department of Transportation is looking to clear the air about a few things - particularly, about the process of surcharging. Those big piles of dirt you see when something is under construction? There's actually a pretty important reason that those are there!

Here's what MDT has to say on the subject: "As new projects take off across the state over the last several years have sparked an increase in questions about specific aspects of these large construction projects. MDT has developed an educational safety video on one aspect of these bridge and highway projects that is regularly asked about – surchargingSurcharging is a relatively inexpensive process that helps stabilize the ground below a designated road, ensuring the new roadway will be able to handle the expected load. Our goal is to help Montanans embrace this process. It is there to help create a safe roadway while saving thousands of dollars in the process.”

To help get the point across, they've also developed a video explaining the process:

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