It was just last month that Whitefish received a pretty cool honor as an Expedia article named it the USA's Friendliest City of 2021. They added that Whitefish was "a gateway to Glacier National Park, outdoor enthusiasts will love the outdoorsy delights this Montana town offers." The friendliest of all cities! That's a pretty awesome honor - somebody should put that on a t-shirt. But you better save a little room on back of the shirt because there's another honor that's just been bestowed upon Whitefish.

I'm not sure the city has an official mantle.....and I'm going to guess they don't.....but if one existed they would need to make a little more room to display their latest accolade. There's more bragging rights for Whitefish as it claims the honor of being the top small town getaway destination according to a study from HomeToGo. When you think about it - it's pretty cool to see a spot in Montana top both lists.

One thing Whitefish wasn't the best at when it came to this latest list was the average price of a stay. Out of the top five places on the list - it was also the most expensive of the bunch. But it's all about supply and demand with Whitefish being a popular destination - and it looks like they're gearing up for a record-breaking summer of tourism.

The next time you head to Glacier National Park, or when you're passing through on your way to the Under The Big Sky Festival, or if you're just getting out for a weekend drive that takes you to Whitefish - pitstop and see if anybody has started selling the USA's Friendliest City/Top Small Town Getaway Destination t-shirts yet.

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