Have you ever been to Missoula's Race For The Cure, the annual event held in Caras Park meant to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research? I have, and it was a great experience - seeing everyone gathered together in search of a common goal. Unfortunately, it looks like the Race For The Cure is no more, as the Montana-Idaho chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation is shutting down for good after 25 years.

And, like many things from the past year, you can blame the closure on COVID-19. Apparently, the national Susan G. Komen Foundation is consolidating all of its local affiliates to create "One Komen," so the organization still exists - it just means that funds that are raised locally aren't going to stay local, and will instead go into a larger, national pot.

Being unable to do the Race For The Cure in 2020 was a huge blow, and now the Montana-Idaho chapter of the Foundation is set to close its doors at the end of March. One silver lining here is that, even though they are closing, they plan to invest every last dollar they have into the local community, and are encouraging Montanans to put their support behind other local non-profits such as Silver Linings.

It's incredibly sad news to hear that the local chapter of Susan G. Komen will be closing its doors, but at least the organization will continue in some form. Hopefully, we'll have something to take the place of Race For The Cure in 2021 when we get there.

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