US Census Bureau is hosting a survey asking, for the first time ever, for ideas for the planning and design of the next census survey. Survey about a survey eh? Nice!

It’s true, it’s not too late to submit your ideas for the 2030 Census. That seems like a ways off but when you take into account the staggering amount of work that goes into not only getting the workforce in place to collect the data but compiling it and getting it out, then making it useful for an entire decade, well you can begin to see the effort being put into it.

You have to get that idea or suggestion in before the deadline of November 15th, 2022 however. In a blog post, Robert L. Santos, Director of U.S. Census Bureau, said,

Has anyone ever invited you to sit down and help them design a new home or a renovation project? Or have you ever had a chance to provide your ideas before a plan was developed, instead of just reacting to a fully drafted plan? That would put you in a position to make important contributions, ones based on your own life experience, creativity, and skills…that is what the U.S. Census Bureau is offering partners, stakeholders, and you.

So, if you were part of the Census workforce last time and have any suggestions jump in! Do you think something should be added to the questionnaire? Wish that your official paperwork would arrive areomail by Zepplin or Autogyro? Please, have better solutions than something 1930s but if that is what lifts your Blimp. Note they will become part of the public record.

If I read correctly the first Census was in 1790, Yes, going back to when notes were taken using an ink well and putting a quill pen to parchment, your input for the planning and design to enhance and improve the decennial census is being asked for. Cool. I tap this out on a keyboard that could have been deemed wizardry when Thomas Jefferson launched the effort. Make it count friend.

The final day to have your say is November 15, 2022. Several ways to respond: Emailing comments to  OR, getting to the registry link at their website:

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