Hometown boy leaves to pursue his dream of music, and now he comes back to play for the town he left behind - Missoula knows the name Sam Riddle, a country musician who grew up right here and left to pursue music in Vegas and Nashville. He'll be making his triumphant return to town with a couple of dates at the Sunrise Saloon on June 13th and 14th.

Here's a little more info about him from his website:

"Sam Riddle is an American Country Rock artist from Montana. With influences ranging all over the musical spectrum, Riddle has honed in on a sound and style all his own. His live shows have become legendary and made him beloved by fans around the globe. His charisma, energy, musicianship, and songwriting, combined with his incredible life experience, provide an uncanny ability to connect with all walks of life. His music hits the soul of America's hard working, blue collar people, with an emphasis on love, having fun, the overall human condition, and believing that true greatness lies within each and every one of us. The River Rats, Sam's loyal fan base, continue to multiply exponentially with each extraordinary and unparalleled performance. The experience is unlike any other. His new album, SAM RIDDLE & The River LIVE, is meant for you to take a drive, get out on the water, or simply sit back, crank it up, close your eyes, and be transported right back to the pure emotion and energy that collide and explode upward between the stage and the crowd. The Live Album highlight Riddle's songwriting, producing, musicianship, and the incredible effect he has on crowds of every size around the world. From smokey bars and small clubs to amphitheaters and arenas all over the country, Sam’s energy and impact are amazing to witness. After opening for the likes of Luke Bryan, Hank Williams Jr., Justin Moore, Dwight Yoakam, and more, along with headlining himself around the Southwest, Sam is now in Nashville, TN working on a major record deal and working with all that music city has to offer in order to bring the Sam Riddle experience to the main stream."

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