Okay if you've driven around Missoula in the last couple of years then you've noticed that there are far more cars on the road than there used to be. The reason why is easy. More people live in Missoula! #Duh

But one of the greatest things about our amazingly weird place that we call home, is everyone's unwavering love for it! Missoulians will do anything to take care of the last best place!

So on September 20th, if you're down to have a little fun, try easing up the car congestion for just one day by participating in the One Less Car Day. The goal is pretty simple, on that Wednesday find a more sustainable form of transportation for the whole day. In other words, bike, walk, run, skip, scooter, carpool, etc. and give your car the day off!

This is an awesome way to come together as a community and show our love not only to the last best place, but to the world as well! Plus it sounds so fun!

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