Before today, I thought the chances of me finding a place to get a good non-orange spray tan were the same as me winning the lottery! But thanks to my girl Christy, who hooked me up with Jacqueline from Claws, I won the spray tan lottery!

If you've ever gone through this process before, you understand how risky it can be! Luckily I had nothing to worry about today when I stopped in at Claws after work. Not only is Jacqueline one of the sweetest people on earth, she's also a pro with the BEST spray tan color in all of Missoula! Claws also might be the hidden gem of downtown Missoula with it's impeccable decor and extensive service list!

So if you're in the market for a spray tan for your special day or just an ego boost, I 100% recommend my new favorite person, Jacqueline! She's incredible and you won't be disappointed!!!

Nicole Wren TSM
Nicole Wren TSM

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