I'm not the first guy to point out our state's weather can be crazy sometimes. In fact, there are more Montana-weather memes than there are baby-Yoda memes. Obviously, that's not true, but when we have weather like we've had lately, it can feel like it.

There are memes about how Montanans grill in the snow. I haven't tried that, though I'm often tempted. Other memes are about Montana's "false spring" and I'll admit that it gets me every year. If you've had a couple of nice days in March, don't expect that to last. Then there are memes about how Montana's weather is tourist repellant, so at least some Montanans can appreciate that about our occasional blizzards and sub-zero temperatures.

My favorite Montana-weather memes are about how quickly our weather can fluctuate, probably because I'm often left amazed at how drastically my outfit will need to change on some days. From my Speedo in the morning to wearing layers upon layers in the afternoon. Just kidding, I'm always only wearing a Speedo *wink.

I've grown used to having days like that, but I was surprised at how our weather was so different this November compared to the month prior. I suspected it was out of the ordinary, and the meteorologist wizards over at National Weather Service Missoula validated my intuition. This year (2022) Missoula had its warmest October, followed by the third coldest November, according to this Tweet by their official Twitter account, and I verified with them on the phone because I know it's hard to trust a blue check these days.

I'm not saying the temperature change is in any way due to man-made climate change, but going from one extreme to another does bring the topic to mind. So it feels appropriate to mention that on Saturday, December 17th at the Zootown Arts Community Center, there's a stand-up comedy fundraiser for Families for a Livable Climate.

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