With gas prices the highest Montana has ever seen them - and really with no end in sight to that situation - there's probably at least a few people out there who were planning on some kind of summer vacation that are maybe rethinking those plans. Even a road trip to somewhere like Seattle is probably going to cost you almost twice as much as it would have last year.

But, you deserve some time off. You've been hard at work, filing papers and attending meetings and writing two articles per day for your station's website (ok, that last one might be more specific). So even if you can't go anywhere, why not do a staycation?

Is Missoula One of the Best Cities in the US for a Staycation?

A staycation can be an incredible thing - I remember at the end of 2020, I had all this PTO saved up because COVID wiped out my plans to go anywhere. So I used it all on a glorious, 2-and-a-half week staycation where I sat around the house, watched a ton of movies, and slept as late as I wanted. I barely checked social media, caught up with friends and family... it was a good time

WalletHub recently put this list together ranking major cities in the country, determining the best and worst places to have a staycation. And Missoula ranked... number 53!

Out of 182 spots, 53 is not bad - each city was ranked based on their recreation options, food and entertainment, and rest and relaxation places.

Number one on the list was Honolulu, Hawaii - which, honestly, feels like cheating a little bit. They're probably likely to top a regular vacation list, too - they should be disqualified!

Although interestingly, Hawaii is also home to the worst place to have a staycation, Pearl City. So Missoula can officially say that it's both a better AND a worse spot for a staycation than Hawaii is - hey, we'll take it!

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