As Montana slowly begins to reopen, a lot of things have been up in the air - certain businesses were allowed to open their doors again first, then bars and restaurants, and then schools... but only some actually chose to do that, while others decided to remain closed.

This week, Bullock announced that theaters and gyms could choose to reopen in Montana on May 15th, so we'll have more info on which Missoula businesses choose to do so in the days ahead. And now, the Missoula City-County Health Department has given the OK for salons and farmers markets in Missoula to re-open in May, as long as they follow a set of guidelines.

Salons will be able to reopen on Monday, May 11th. Farmers markets will be allowed to come back on May 23rd, although they can't exceed over 250 people in attendance, including the vendors.

Have you been out at any businesses since the gradual reopening began? Personally, I'm trying to avoid it for another week or two, just to see whether the number of COVID-19 cases in Montana goes up now that people are out again. Many of these businesses are still offering their to-go options or curbside service, so if you're in the same boat as me but you still want to support a local business, you still have options.

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