Every once in a while, a friend tags you in a comment on Facebook. You click through, thinking it'll be another meme that you've already seen but you need to politely respond with "lol" so your friend doesn't think you're ignoring them.

Sometimes though, you get tagged in a comment and it turns out to be something cool, and people, this is one of those times. Missoula's Laughing Grizzly is holding a contest for Valentine's Day, and man, I really wanna win this one.

That's right, they're giving away a prime rib dinner, plus some wine and some dessert to go along with it. And not just one - two couples get to enjoy the spoils of this contest.

To enter the contest, you need to like the post, share it, like their Facebook page, and comment on the post tagging two friends (that's how I found out about this one - my girlfriend really wants to win this, probably because she knows there's no way I'm making a prime rib dinner on my own).

They'll be drawing the winners next Thursday, February 11th, just ahead of Valentine's Day. A lot of people have already entered, but you've still got a chance if you give it a shot!

Actually, why am I telling you this? The less people enter, the more chance I have to win this thing. Nevermind! Forget everything I just said! This isn't the prime rib dinner you're looking for!

Alright, think I covered that one up pretty well. Way to go, Mike.

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