If you've been on the internet the past couple weeks, you may have seen one or two or a million people freaking out over the new Popeyes chicken sandwich, and you may also have seen the uproar after they sold out. While I'm sure Popeyes is planning on bringing the popular sandwich back, they've got a fix in the meantime to tide you over.

Popeyes is letting customers know that they can go ahead and bring their own bun and then order three chicken tenders to place on it. I mean, it makes sense! What they fail to note is that you'll also have to figure out whatever toppings you want on it yourself, which means you'll have to bring your own lettuce or tomatoes or whatever, too.

Seems like a lot of work to me for what I'm sure is probably an at-best above average chicken sandwich (though I haven't tasted it, maybe it's a game-changer) - still, if you desperately want to get your Popeyes chicken on, you can always bring your own bun to the Missoula location on North Reserve and make it happen.

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