Ok, this is very specifically a Mike problem that probably doesn't actually have an effect on a whole bunch of people in town. Nevertheless, I feel confident when I say that life would be a lot easier for everyone (example: me) if I could fly directly to New York from Missoula International Airport.

I moved here from New York a few months back, but my entire family is back there and I like to visit when I can. As it stands, it takes two flights to get to New York, which doesn't seem too bad. But then you have to factor in the insanity of New York City - I may need to catch a certain train or a specific subway, and two flights means twice as many chances at delays.

I'm traveling back home on Wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year, and can only hope I'll make it without any issues. I'd rest easier if I only had to get on one plane to take me to my destination. Do the right thing, Missoula. Get a direct flight to New York, for the one guy in town who would use it frequently. That's not unreasonable, right?

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