If you haven't been over to the new location for Muse Comics & Games in Missoula, it's definitely worth taking a ride there and checking it out. Muse used to be located by the Subway on Higgins, but they've been situated in a building right by the Southgate Mall for just over a year now. It's a bigger space, and that of course means that they're able to hold more stuff!

People shop at Muse for all things comic books - there's a ton of selection from a variety of different publishers, and some local artists too - but their game selection may be even bigger. Every nerdy board game or card game you can possibly think of is probably somewhere on a shelf at Muse Comics, and now they're making the process for getting new stuff a little bit easier.

Music Comics & Games Just Launched A New Pre-Order System on Their Website

Yes, now you'll be able to keep track of what's new and reserve it ahead of time through the Muse Comics website. The store announced the new pre-order system on Facebook the other day.

Right now, the pre-order system only has a few products available, all of which are Magic: The Gathering-related. But their Facebook post indicates that more stuff will become available to pre-order online very soon.

If you want to peruse their online selection, you can visit them right here. And of course, you can always head down to the store, located at 1940 Harve Ave in Missoula.

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