46 year-old Aaron Madsen appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Wednesday, charged with felony stalking as he allegedly violated an existing order of protection filed against him.

According to court documents, Madsen is accused by Jane Doe of having a longstanding pattern of abuse toward her, including breaking her ribs, and punching her in the head and face, threatening her son, kicking in her door and destroying her firearms.

On December 22, 2018, Madsen threatened to kill Jane Doe and her son, texting her that he was ‘on his way to their home’ and that 'his guns would decide’ whether Doe lived or died.

During Madsen’s Justice Court appearance before Judge Alex Beal, Deputy County Attorney Mark Handelman explained why he was asking for a high bail.

“The state is going to be requesting $50,000 bail in this case,” said Handelman. “First, we consider him a danger to the community considering he violated an order of protection literally hundreds of times after it was served, including coming to the victim’s house against her wishes while she wasn’t home.”

Handelman detailed the violence that Madsen allegedly inflicted on the victim.

“This defendant has been violent with the victim in the past, for example breaking her ribs at one point,” he said. “He continues to act in an extremely controlling manner toward her. The defendant further has also threatened the victim when he believed she was going to report him to police. Secondly, we believe he is a risk for failure to appear. The defendant told the victim that he may flee to Texas if law enforcement  became involved.”

Judge Beal said due to the numerous times that Madsen had violated the order of protection filed by the victim, he set bail at $10,000 and ordered him to be continuously monitored by GPS, have mandatory drug testing, and to be released only to pretrial supervision.

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