One hundred games of tennis sounds exhausting, but you've heard me say on the air a million times, Gen Z are ambitious and are here to get stuff done. Hellgate High School Senior, Colton Quirk, has set the goal of playing 100 games of tennis to help Watson Children's Shelter during the pandemic year.

Colton has participated in the Watson Tennis Pro-Am for the past three years and was heartbroken to hear it wouldn't be happening this year due to the pandemic. He says the event typically brings in around $30,000 for the children's shelter. And that's when his mind went to work on how one high school senior could get the community to raise $10,000 for a worthy cause.

Colton is challenging Montanans to a game of tennis, each one raising $100 for the shelter. Games will take place Halloween weekend, October 31st and November 1st, at the Peak Racquet Club, 4990 Buckhouse Lane. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, participants must be an active PEAK tennis or club member or be in the PEAK system as a non-member participant, and all participants must adhere to current MCCHD and PEAK COVID-19 guidelines.

Each game is scheduled for 10 minutes and you can sign-up for as many games as you like, including consecutive time slots to play multiple games in a row. Each game is $100, and this is a tax deductible donation paid directly to Watson's. Every $100 donation receives one (1) ticket for a raffle drawing for prizes - the more you donate, the more chances you have to win a prize. Sign up to play here.

If you can't, or don't want to play, but would still like to support Colton's project and local children in crisis, you can make a contribution online, please be sure to include "Colton's Tennis Fundraiser" in the comments so it will count toward his goal. Sounds like fun, thanks in advance for supporting this determined local high schooler!

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