Look at you! You healthy person, you. You're probably reading this article while running the treadmill at the gym, or in between bites of kale. That's because you're helping Missoula secure its spot as one of the healthiest cities in the entire country.

Missoula Ranked High On A New Health Study

WalletHub put together a list, ranking 182 cities across the United States based on how healthy they are. And Missoula ended up taking the number 30 spot! For context, the only other Montana city on the list, Billings, was down at number 108.

So how did WalletHub figure out its rankings here? Well, they measured a few different categories, including each city's access to healthcare, food habits, opportunities for fitness, and green space. The even break it down further by measuring things like mental health counselors per capita and percentage of adults not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

What Spots Were Healthier Than Missoula?

Like I said, we came in at number 30, which is excellent, but there's always room for improvement. The healthiest city in the entire country ended up being San Francisco, followed by Seattle and San Diego. The rest of the top ten was rounded out by Portland, Salt Lake City, Honolulu, Austin, Denver, South Burlington, and Washington DC.

And if you want to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle, it sounds like you should probably not move to Brownsville, Texas, which ranked dead last in the number 182 spot.

Are you surprised to see Missoula rank so high on the list? Think we have the potential to make it even higher in the years ahead?

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