There were reports of this happening in New York not too long ago, and now it appears it's happening in Missoula, too: due to the overwhelming need for trained medical professionals in the wake of the Coronavirus, health students from the University of Montana are joining the workforce before they even have the chance to graduate.

Missoula College at the University of Montana has had all programs rearrange their schedules to bring students into the workforce as soon as possible. Like the rest of the schools in the state, all classes and labs have already been moved online.

On top of that, MC has made its four ventilators available for use in area hospitals and they've donated nearly a thousand masks, gloves, and gowns to nearby facilities.

It's crazy to think that a student still finishing school could be on the front lines doing whatever they can to pitch in during the pandemic, but that's the situation we're seeing. In the meantime, UM has canceled all commencement ceremonies for the first time ever.

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