Apparently Missoula is really interested in Beyoncé's latest album, Renaissance, we Googled it more than anywhere else in the country  we nearly Googled it more than anywhere else in the country.

Today I found out about Google's Local Year in Search, which is kind of like Spotify Wrapped, in which Spotify gives a breakdown of a user's artists and songs they listened to throughout the year, but instead Google gives a breakdown of search terms for entire cities. To use Google's description, it "gives us a unique look at what the U.S. was searching for across the country in 2022. These searches reflect some of the things we looked for most this year and illuminate our shared experiences, as well as the unique character of the metro areas we live in."

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According to the Local Year in Search for Missoula, this area searched for "béyonce renaissance" more than anywhere else in the country. When I first read that, I was amazed. Then reality hit me when I realized the artist's name is Beyoncé, with the 'é' at the end and NOT in the middle. That's an easy mistake, and I'll give Missoula credit for at least spelling "renaissance" correctly. I was able to only with the help of spellcheck.

Though the spelling error muddies the water, I think Missoula's interest in Beyoncé says something about this city. Maybe we appreciate her empowering messages and bold demeanor. Beyoncé's album Renaissance was released on July 29th of this year and "it was named the best album of the year by publications including Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and NPR" according to Wikipedia.

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