We've been slowly but surely moving away from plastic over the last few years in an effort to help the environment in some small way - but plastic bags are still pretty common in grocery stores. That's why Missoula Fresh Market is trying something new - in order to limit the use of plastic bags, they'll actually be giving away 50,000 reusable tote bags to its customers.

When a customer receives one of these bags, they'll be encouraged to make a small donation, which will go towards the Montana Food Bank Network. And, if you're a business that is interested in joining the MIssoula Fresh Market in eliminating plastic, you can give them a call at (406) 251-7170.

I think this is a great idea. Lots of people will recycle if it's convenient for them, and putting reusable tote bags in their hands for free is a great way to make it convenient. Will you be stopping by to pick one of these up?

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