I grew up in a pretty Irish family... well, that's underselling it a little bit. My grandparents both grew up in Ireland before making their way to America. We've still got a lot of family over there, and there tends to be some kind of trip to Ireland that takes place every couple of years (I've only gotten to go once, when I was 13 - I'd really like to make it back there one of these days).

So celebrating Irish heritage has always been a pretty big deal in my family, which of course means that everyone celebrates St. Patrick's Day. We always had our favorite Irish restaurants and pubs back in New York - but, since I've moved to Missoula, I've had to find a few new favorite spots.

What's Your Favorite Irish Spot in Missoula?

I think there's a couple of bars/restaurants in Missoula that people think of when they think, "Irish." Of course, the Thomas Meagher Bar comes to mind - they're right downtown and are often the hub of all kinds of St. Patrick's Day activity. And don't forget Stone of Accord, another Irish pub that's out there on Reserve Street.

I'm curious if there are any other Irish spots that people tend to think of as their favorite in Missoula? And this isn't limited to bars or restaurants, just anything you can think of - businesses, places of historical significance, whatever you've got.

And happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Remember, if you're out celebrating, make sure to have a designated driver or take an Uber back home.

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