I feel like this is one of those headlines that will make people mad before they even read the article. "Missoula is one of the best-run cities in America???!!!," they'll angrily comment. "What about (blank) and (blank) and (blank), and don't get me started on (blank)!"

If you're one of those people, it's totally possible that you could have legitimate grievances - but consider that if Missoula was named one of the best-run cities in America, that means almost every other city considered was ranked below it. So at least you can point to them and say, "well, at least I don't live there!"

Missoula Made the Top Ten List for Best-Run Cities in the US

Wallet Hub put together this study, ranking 150 major US cities across America and declaring which is the best-run and which the worst. Missoula cracked the top 10, coming in at number 9 on the list.

But if you're looking for the absolute best of the best, the number one spot went to... Nampa, Idaho! It was followed by Boise, Idaho and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

And on the flip side of things, here's a weird one - all the way at the bottom of the list, in the number 150 spot, is Washington D.C.

That's right, the actual capitol of our country was named the worst-run city in America. That... doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

You can find out more about how the study came to its conclusions over at Wallet Hub's website. Think there's any city out there that should have beaten us on the list?

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