Missoulians love the outdoors - and hey, that makes sense when you're surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes with easy access to a river at all times.

And one thing I've really enjoyed in Missoula recently has been outdoor entertainment, like Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park, Hip Strip Movie Night outside the Missoula Senior Center, or live comedy and music in The Roxy Garden, right behind The Roxy Theater.

So I came across this in a Missoulian article about things to do around town in the coming weeks, and I was pretty intrigued - partially because I had never heard of it before, and partially because it just seemed like a cool, unique idea. It's called Missoula Backyard Theater, and it looks like it's... exactly what it sounds like! Theater that takes place in someone's backyard!

Missoula Backyard Theater will be doing a live reading of an original play called "Rent Or Die: A Housing Farce," on Thursday and Friday, July 15th and 16th. Their website has got a little more info and a place where you can buy tickets. Although here's an interesting twist: tickets are $10, but if you're not in a position to pay, the Missoula Backyard Theater provides you with a promo code to get your ticket for free.

This seems like a relatively new theater program, but we hope it sticks around - it just seems like a perfectly Missoula thing to have affordable theater in someone's backyard throughout the summer. Think you'll be checking out Missoula Backyard Theater?

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