The U.S. Department of Transportation confirmed on Wednesday that the Missoula International Airport has received a grant for $6,741,709 to help complete its terminal expansion project.

Airport Director Chris Jensen confirmed the news to KGVO News on Wednesday.

“I think everybody’s aware that we’re building a new terminal project,” said Jensen. “That’s why we’re always happy when our Senators and representatives in Congress support us in that effort. We’re fortunate to be receiving another grant towards the completion of that project, so we’re full steam ahead.”

Jensen said the nearly $7 million will help fund the over $60 million total project.

“We’ll add that to our nearly $15 million worth of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) funding that we’ve already received for a total of $20 million, which is actually the maximum that we could receive from this project,” he said. “We feel pretty fortunate because a lot of airports never get to that level, so we’ve had great support and we feel pretty fortunate to be able to get that much.”

Jensen said Phase One is underway, and when it is completed then Phase Two will begin.

“This first phase is the removal of the west end of our terminal building,” he said. “It’ll be the construction of a new concourse and ticket counter and security section with new concessions, it will be a fully functional terminal unto itself. When we’re done with that then we’ll knock down the next section of the terminal and build into that section which will include baggage claims, some bathrooms and some new gates.”

Jensen said Montana Congressional delegation informed him last week that the grant was confirmed and that the FAA will notify the grant office within the next week. From there the grant will go to the Missoula International Airport board for its acceptance. The papers will be signed and the funds will be deposited and used as needed.

Completion of Phase One will be in January 2022, and Jensen said the project is on time and on budget.

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