Happy first day of Mercury's trip into retrograde— if that didn't make any sense that definitely fits the theme of what's happening right now. I won't go too far into the astrology weeds for an explanation, but the basic idea is that when Mercury goes into retrograde, communication breakdowns happen. This current retrograde period lasts until May 14th so buckle up. Here are some signs mercury is in retrograde in Missoula, Montana:


Wax seems like a great slang term for vinyl until you get a tub of surfboard wax instead of the Beach Boys album you were expecting.


Avoid getting coffee for all your coworkers because until the 14th there's no way you'll be able to get all those orders right. That's hard enough on a regular day around here, with Missoulians acute tastes that demand extremely-specific coffees made just right.


Someone will book Ceres for their 5-year-old kid's birthday party... and as much as I dig Ceres' music I don't think they'd be a good fit, check out their music video below.


If wifey tells hubby to pick up some flour from the store, they should make sure they're talking about the same thing, because when mercury is in retrograde there's a nonzero chance he'll show up with some flower as in buds from the local cannabis shop.


You may think you have the rizz (charisma), Romeo, but you're going to be tongue-tied for a minute. Instead of your best seductive lines, you might mansplain IPAs like a total dweeb.

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