Mellow Mood in Missoula is getting ready to celebrate 420 this year with their annual block party on Saturday, and it'll include store-wide sales, live local music, live glass-blowing, prizes, raffles, and all that good stuff. Interested in checking it out? Here's all the details taken from their Facebook event page:

"Its time to celebrate your favorite holiday again!
Its almost time for Mellow Mood's annual 420 Block Party and this year, as always, we have an amazing, blazing afternoon of fun for all of you in addition to our unbelievable store-wide sale! The big bash starts at 3pm with live local tunes and live glass blowing by the following amazing local artists.



Our buddies with Montana State Hemp & Cannabis festival will also be on site with raffle prizes and the music line up announcement for the up coming festival!

Don't miss out on this level 99,000 mega chiller block party!!
April 20th 4/20/2019
630 South Higgins"

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