Fall is hunt season here in Montana. It seems like every weekend another season opens. Just recently waterfowl hunting opened in the state. Pronghorn antelope season saw its opener this past Saturday. The general season kicks off on the 22nd. And, Montana's archery season is winding down, since its opener on Labor Day weekend. Bowhunters are still scouring the hills in search of big game. Archery elk hunters are taking advantage of the annual elk rut before the season closes.

An avid elk hunter from Alaska recently made the trip to Big Sky Country, to try and harvest a Montana bull. After many days of trying, he was successful in bagging a bull. In fact, it was a dandy bull, whose antlers measured roughly 340 inches. Adam Grenda of King Salmon, Alaska was very pleased with his massive Montana bull. That is until it was stolen from his vehicle in Billings.

According to KTVQ 

His elk rack and an estimated $5,000 worth of stolen gear, including his brother-in-laws bow, after it was taken from his brother-in-law's truck sometime between 3 a.m.-5 a.m. Saturday. His brother-in-law was driving the bull back to Idaho and parted from the hunting group early, stopping at the C'Mon Inn Hotel & Suites in Billings for a couple hours of rest.

Who would do such a thing? Here in Montana, we like to enjoy other people's successful hunts. I have seen entire bars empty to go look in the back of someone's truck. But, to take the 90 lbs rack and hide, along with all the gear is just despicable. What was the guy supposed to do? Haul the dead animal carcass into his hotel room?

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