One of Netflix's most critically-acclaimed series that debuted last year was Maid, a miniseries about a young mother who escapes her abusive relationship and then struggles in poverty to support her daughter.

We had been keeping an eye on the show during its development, because it actually had some close ties to Missoula - the series was based on a memoir by Missoula-based author Stephanie Land (the basis of which was once rejected by the University of Montana). She wrote the book about her own experiences, and Missoula plays a key role in both the memoir and the series.

Molly Smith-Metzler, previously best-known for her work as a writer on Orange is the New Black, adapted the book and created the series. And now, she just scored a big deal with Netflix.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Smith-Metzler has signed a multi-year deal to "create more socially conscious originals that feature empowering roles for women on both sides of the camera."

There are a few other creators who have similar deals with Netflix, but they tend to be bigger names like Ryan Murphy (GleeAmerican Horror StoryPose) or Shonda Rhimes (Grey's AnatomyScandalHow to Get Away With Murder). The fact that Smith-Metzler is getting a deal already speaks to a lot of confidence that she'll continue to deliver more critically-acclaimed, attention-getting programming for Netflix.

Have you had the chance to watch Maid on Netflix? If you want to catch up with what author Stephanie Land is doing now, you can follow her Twitter account.

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