It's a big weekend for rugby enthusiasts in Missoula - the 43rd Annual Maggotfest is set to take over Fort Missoula on Saturday and Sunday. 48 Rugby teams will be competing against each other all weekend long in this tournament hosted by the Missoula All-Maggots Rugby Club.

Here's how the event is described on their website:

"Maggotfest is a world famous rugby tournament hosted by the Missoula All-Maggots Rugby Club, since 1977, in Missoula MT, USA. The emphasis at Maggotfest is on both the competition of the sport and on the social aspects of rugby. Clubs attend from all over the world, US and Canada. Maggotfest regularly features top first and second division clubs looking to test their skills, as well as social sides out for good matches and good times. Teams are encouraged to not only play great rugby, but are HIGHLY encouraged to win the party, wear costumes, play with sportsmanship, and have fun!"

I'm hearing this event gets pretty wild and intense, and that it's a ton of fun. (Plus, there's beer, which is always a plus.) Will you be checking this out?

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