Donald Trump is coming to Missoula on Thursday to hold a rally at the Missoula International Airport. As you'd expect, not everybody is exactly thrilled about this. In response, Missoula Rises has organized a protest entitled Love Trumps Hate, which is also scheduled for Thursday.

The event kicks off at 2:30 at Playfair Park, and it looks like a full day is planned. Here's the itinerary from the Facebook event page:

Together we stand as a community unified against the messages of hate Trump spreads. We empower ourselves to take control of our democracy and hit the polls. We stand together as Americans and Montanans.

2:30 - 4:30 pm We Create Community Connection.

The Native community will open the event. We will then sing, educate ourselves on the ballot initiatives, candidates, we sign up to canvass and volunteer. We will participate in community art, sharing in comfort food, making signs and t-shirt printing. There will be yoga classes, face painting and time for us to meet, talk and connect in person. And we will be escorting voters to the polls. In golf carts! We will be together.

4:30 - 5:30 pm We Rally.

We won't stand silent. We won't turn our backs. We will share our passion, our rightful rage and our stories. We are community of interwoven stories. We have stood side by side and shared our stories, sadness, anger, hope. We have empowered each other, and ourselves, through our stories. We will make our voices heard when Trump comes to our community with his hateful rhetoric. We respond as a community with our unified voice.

5:30 - 6:00 pm We March.

We march from Playfair Park down South Avenue and wrap around the fairgrounds to Russell Street. We surround the sidewalks around the Missoula County Fairgrounds. We surround the polls. We protest AND we get out the vote. We do both.

From 2:30 - 6:00 we will have volunteers that will escort us over to the polling stations at the fairgrounds to cast our ballots if you choose to do so.

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