There's no melodrama with the video for Lorde's new single "Perfect Places," but there sure is some gorgeous scenery from around the world.

At first, Lorde's latest video is a bit ominous. The New Zealand singer-songwriter stands alone in a cane field, wielding a machete and a look that sends message that Lorde is not to be messed with to whoever is on the other end. Then she's dancing and chanting by a massive open fire before opening her eyes to reveal a stunning beach landscape.

It's there we finally see one of Lorde's titular perfect places, as she stands tall in a breathtaking red gown, the sea water lapping at her hem. Her signature style beckons to no one in particular, "Every night, I live and die, feel the party to my bones." She's all alone here, and then next on the crumbling steps of a cliffside, and swaying in a swing made from vines deep in a jungle somewhere. All you know is you want to be there, not just to grow "notorious" alongside Lorde, but because the locations draw you in the same way her voice does.

"Perfect Places" is a powerful track, made even more memorable thanks to the creative eye of director Grant Singer, who also directed the video for "Green Light." As the second official single from Melodrama, "Perfect Places" provides an interesting counter to "Green Light," which was much more of a thumping groove about former flames compared to this track's more somber call to escape the everyday to a better place.

Lorde's Melodrama world tour begins September 26 in the UK, with the first US dates coming in March when she opens up in Milwaukee.

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