Well, well, well, look who's getting shiny new signage! Typically, a Missoula business getting a new sign wouldn't be all that exciting, except that this one also indicates that we are closer than ever to the opening of the new Scheel's sporting goods store.

You may have visited Scheel's in Great Falls or Billings. They began as a little company in Fargo, North Dakota and have grown into one of the finest sporting goods companies in the country. The first time I visited Scheel's in Great Falls I was impressed at how enormous the store was, with several floors, and everything from swimwear to fishing poles to sleeping bags. When I heard we were getting one here in Missoula, I knew the Southgate Mall would have to clear out a ton of space to accommodate it, and they have. If you haven't been to the Mall during "pandemic times," things look a LOT different on the west end where JC Penney used to be. Of course, Penney's is gone now, and that entire wing of the Mall is nearly unrecognizable.

Scheel's is set to open soon, we are supposed to learn the exact date next week. Meanwhile, the Southgate Mall is sporting their new, big, blue signage, which includes the AMC, Scheel's, and space for more upcoming projects. Also, if you haven't been to the Mall in the past year, they have a Cinnabon now, so you don't have to visit a large market airport to experience the goodness.

The new Southgate Mall sign in the works. Photo by Oliver
The new Southgate Mall sign in the works. Photo by Oliver

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