There are lots of whacky conspiracy theories out there. Like have you heard that the Easter bunny controls the weather? That's crazy, he's too busy painting eggs to have time for weather, duh. But there's one conspiracy theory that should be considered a conspiracy fact— are you ready?

Missoula, Montana doesn't actually exist. (It does.)

You make may think that "Missoula, Montana" is real (because it is) but here's the undeniable evidence that it's actually fake. (It's real.)

Magic, Fairytale Deer


Clearly the video above is some sort of deepfake trickery, if not straight-up witchcraft. If deer could properly cross the street we wouldn't have the phrase "stopped like a deer in headlights." Case. Closed. And the stories of Missoula cryptids get even weirder.

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Bears Enrolled at a University

They call it the "Hip Strip Bear" and it's supposedly been spotted at the "University of Montana" many times, some even theorize that he's enrolled at the school. But how can that be when no bear in history has ever received the credentials necessary to attend a university? I think I made my point. But it's not just the wildlife that proves "Missoula, Montana" is suspicious, or "sus" as the kids would say. Am I cool yet?

Tommy The Leprechaun

If you believe the story of Tommy the Leprechaun then you dropped too many shamrocks into your green beer... or something. Leprechauns don't live in the United States and they definitely don't sing for people, they've got gold to protect. Oh, and that's not all.

It's Too Perfect

"Missoula, Montana" is the definition of "too good to be true." Can one city really have a university, a great nightlife, multiple sports teams, mountains for hiking and a river for swimming? All I'm saying is, look into it. (Don't look into it, Missoula is a real place. Thanks for reading.)

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