The City of Missoula Police Department provided the following update at 3:15 PM:

As of 3:15 PM this afternoon, the perimeter in downtown Missoula has been taken down and all lockdowns have been lifted. An investigation began this morning at about 9:45 AM when a Missoula Police Officer reported that the rear window of his patrol car had been shot out as he travelled northbound on Woody St. in the 400 block. A perimeter was immediately established and government offices were locked down. No injuries were reported by the officer who sought immediate cover from a nearby building as he called for backup. Throughout the day, the Missoula Police Department has been assisted by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office, the Montana Highway Patrol, Missoula County 9-1-1, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Missoula Emergency Services. The investigation is ongoing; however, we do not feel at this time, that there is any immediate threat to the public. Offices at City Hall will remain closed for the remainder of the day, but will reopen as usual in the morning. If anyone was in the area of the 400 block of Woody St. this morning at around 9:45 and saw or heard anything unusual, please call Detective Guy Baker at (406) 396-3217.

The City of Missoula Police Department provided the following update at 2:36 PM:

The lockdown at City Hall due to the incident this morning in the 400 block of Woody has been lifted. The perimeter in the downtown area has been adjusted and remains on Woody St. between W. Spruce and W. Broadway. The east/west boundaries are on W. Pine, between Orange St. and the Mountain Line Bus Depot at Ryman & W. Pine. We are asking that people continue to avoid the perimeter area.

The Missoula County Sheriff's Office provided the following update at 2:25 PM:

***LOCKDOWN LIFTED*** Our Missoula County Sheriff’s Office units have been cleared and the lockdown has been lifted. All county buildings are reopened and resuming operations.Thank you for your cooperation. The City of Missoula Police Department is continuing to investigate this incident.

Update 2:17 PM:

The Missoula County Courthouse and adjacent buildings, including the Administration Building, Youth Court and Relationship Violence Services, remain on lockdown due to law enforcement activity in the area. THE PUBLIC IS NOT ABLE TO ACCESS THESE FACILITIES AT THIS TIME. It is likely that the lockdown will remain in place for the remainder of the day. Stay tuned for further details.

The lockdown has been lifted for the Health Department, Missoula Public Library and Partnership Health Center.

The City of Missoula Police Department provided the following update at 1:04 PM:

At approximately 9:45 AM, this morning an officer was travelling northbound in the 400 block of Woody St. when he reported that the rear window of his patrol car had just been shot out. Other officers in the vicinity quickly converged on the area while the officer took cover at a nearby building. A perimeter was established around the area and government offices were immediately locked down. At this time, the perimeter remains in place as an investigation into the incident has been convened, along with corresponding searches in the area. We are currently being assisted by other law enforcement agencies and medical crews are standing by, however no injuries have been reported. Additional information will be released as it comes available.

Update 12:33 PM:

Missoula City Government ‪posted on Facebook that the lock down in downtown has been lifted only for Health Department, Partnership Health Center and Missoula Public Library.

Lock down remains in place for Courthouse and adjacent buildings, including the Administration Building, RVS and Youth Court facilities. ‬

The Missoula County Sheriff's Office gave the following update at 11:30 a.m.:

St. Patrick Hospital management provided the following message:

“This is not a drill. Update: current lockdown for St. Patrick and Providence Center. There was one shot fired near the courthouse. Suspect has not been located. If you see a suspicious person, please call security dispatch at 329-2620. Law enforcement has advised to stay away from the Woody and Pine corner where incident is taking place. This is not a drill.”

Update 11:35 AM:

"This is not a drill. Update: situation is still occurring. Status has not changed. We will update again when we have more information. This is not a drill."

The following was sent out by the City of Missoula:

City Hall and City Council Chambers are on lockdown because of an active law enforcement situation nearby. The public should avoid the area around Pine Street and Ryman Street and Pine Street and Woody Street.

The following was sent out by Missoula County:

Missoula County buildings in the downtown core are also on lockdown. The public cannot enter these buildings at this time and should avoid the areas of Ryman and Pine, Woody and Pine, Ryman and Broadway and Woody and Broadway. Missoula County departments will not be able to provide public services.

University of Montana police sent out the following alert:

Missoula Police have blocked a portion of downtown Missoula near the police department and the Mountain Line transfer station after shots were fired at a police car being driven by an officer.

No injuries reported.

As a result, city buses are being rerouted, streets surrounding the Missoula County Courthouse and police station (Spruce, Pine, Ryman, Woody, etc.) in a five-block radius are closed.

Avoid travel in downtown and, likewise, employees or students traveling to campus may also be impacted.

No suspect details are available.

This is an emerging situation, with no direct threat to campus at this time.

UMPD officers are patrolling.

We will share more information as it's available.

Hellgate High School provided the following statement:

Hellgate is on perimeter lock in as a precaution. There is no immediate threat to our building. No release for lunch today. 

Update at 12:19 PM:

Hellgate High School lock-in perimeter has been lifted.

Lowell Elementary is also on a perimeter lockdown.

KGVO will update you on the situation when more information becomes available.

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